Family tradition

After my Armenian ancestors, I adopted a business motto:
"Prices not higher, but lower."
— Jerzy Dobrowolski junior

The "Zacisze" boarding house run by my great-grandmother Michalina Dobrowolska, née Lukasiewicz, was a profitable family business and a social salon of Lviv.

My grandfather began his professional career while still a student, working on the construction of the Lviv-Podhajce railway for Gwalbert Ziembicki, a famous entrepreneur at the time. Another important order was the preparation of plans for the parceling of land between Kadecka and Wulecka Streets for Jan Dylewski, president of the Court of Appeals in Lviv. Later Jerzy Dobrowolski performed the function of an administrator of land estates in Podolia and Volhynia. The road construction company Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Dróg inż. Jerzy Dobrowolski belonging to my grandfather modernized, among others, the upper section of Lychakivska street and the tramway line to the railway station in Lviv.

The technical company Przedsiębiorstwo Techniczne, inż. Jerzy Dobrowolski built, among others, the water supply system in Sanok. In the municipal park, on the wall of the water reservoir there is a plaque dedicated to the builders of the Sanok waterworks.

The waterworks were built with the financial aid of the Labour Fund in the period from February 1934 to July 1936 during the presidency of the President, Professor Ignacy Mościcki, Governor of the Lviv Province - Colonel Władysław Belina-Prażmowski, governor of the Sanok district - major Wojciech Bucior, and mayor of the Royal Free City of Sanok - Jan Rajcal, Ph.D." The waterworks were designed by Professor Otto Nadolski, performed by the Municipal Authority and the Company of engineer Jerzy Dobrowolski, and managed by engineer Roman Wajda.

Jerzy Dobrowolski senior took care of the estates and interests of the Congregation of the Sisters of Immaculate Conception. He looked after the houses and properties, and was also responsible for the receivables of the Congregation.

Monastery of the Sisters of Immaculate Conception in Jarosław
Monastery of the Sisters of Immaculate Conception in Jazłowiec